Our Coffee

Central Bean’s classic espresso* includes high quality speciality coffees from El Salvador, Brazil and Ethiopia, blended using techniques originating from the Pacific NorthWest and roasted in the Northern Italian style.


The end result is the perfect combination of old world tradition with modern elegance.


Described by world renowned coffee expert Andrew Hetzel:

“I would say that it is modern (or perhaps nouveau) Pacific Northwest, naturally sweet, with a clean nutlike flavour and the resonant echoing of sour cherry in chocolate, makes me think of the resonating ferry boat horn signaling its departure into the Puget Sound, clear, cool, crisp morning air, roasted chestnut served on the dock and the sound of the deep booming air horn echoing off distant snow capped mountains.”


We understand Andrew’s sentiments, however, we like to describe the blend as simply “delicious.”

*Central Bean’s classic espresso is also available decaffeinated.

Our Menu


espresso with hot water

doppio espresso with steamed & foamed milk

doppio espresso with steamed milk,
extra creamy latte also available

flat white
a smaller, stronger cappuccino

the drip

the freshest brewed coffee

brewed coffee
choose from our brew  bar selection

cafe au lait
drip brewed coffee and steamed

milk cafe mist
(skinny version of cafe au lait)


central bean’s classic espresso roast

shorter, sweeter espresso

espresso macchiato
espresso marked with a tad of milk froth


caramel latte
with rich caramel and a hint of vanilla

cafe mocha
espresso and organic fair trade cocoa

mint mocha
made with rich mint and organic cocoa

happy holidays
latte with sweet almond & vanilla


storm tea
breakfast tea, earl grey, decaf breakfast

infusion storm tea
rooibos, peppermint, green, red berry & rose, camomile, lemongrass & vanilla

hot chocolate

organic fair trade cocoa blended with milk topped with cream and chocolate flakes

double choc chip

cocoa blended with half ‘n’ half, chocolate syrup topped with whipped cream and milk chocolate chips

cool beans

iced coffee
chill dopio espresso, with water over ice

cold cafe latte
chill dopio espresso with milk over ice

chill dopio espresso, mocha syrup and skimmed milk blended with ice, finished with whipped cream

espresso frappe
iced milk espresso with whipped cream choose from: vanilla, caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, almond, mint or banana

coffee float
chill dopio espresso blended with ice and milk with a float of vanilla ice cream and chocolate flakes

hot doppio espresso over vanilla ice cream


99% fat free
choose from: mango, peach, wild berry banana or strawberry (or mix them up)

ice cream frappe
vanilla ice cream, blended with ice and milk, finished with whipped cream
choose from: vanilla, caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, almond, mint or banana

Guest Bean

See in store to find out which guest bean is on this week

Buy The Bean

Whether your choice is Central Bean classic espresso, decaffeinated, or our guest bean, they are all available to take home. You can either grind the beans yourself, or one of our Baristas will grind them for you, choose from fine grind for espresso machines, or a slightly courser grind for drip brewing.